Verify your ability to manage and lead with the Certified Manager Certification

The Certified Manager (CM®) certification is a professional credentialing program that verifies an individual's ability to manage and potential to lead with a level of competency. CM certification is attained by meeting eligibility requirements for education and experience, and passing a series of three CM assessment exams.

Program applicants should have prior work experience, but may or may not hold a management title. Employers look to the CM certification to distinguish candidates for hiring and career advancement.

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Why CM Certification?

The Certified Manager certification is the product of a comprehensive job task analysis of the management profession to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for competent performance on-the-job. Upon attaining CM certification, certificants will possess proof of their qualification to manage and lead in the workplace. CM certification empowers certificants to take control of their careers by positioning themselves for advancement.

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The CM certification is highly sought after in today’s workplace because it will:

  • Enhance your management and leadership knowledge, skills and ethics.

  • Develop confidence and improve your on-the-job performance.

  • Verify your level of management competency and leadership potential.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to continuing professional development.

  • Offer you a competitive edge for selection and advancement.

  • Add credibility to your organization as an organization that invest in quality management.

  • Give you the opportunity to network locally and internationally with other Certified Managers.

  • Give you the opportunity to continuously find resources and support from your peers and ICPM.

Who are Certified Managers?

More than 13,000 professionals all over the world have already attended the Certified Manager Program and enjoy the benefits of Certification. Some of the many companies that have already participated in the Certified Manager Program are: AIG, Bank of America, Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals, Harvard University, HSBC, Johns Hopkins University, Lockheed Martin, Pepsi Cola Bottling Co, Toyota, and several divisions of the United States Military.

What is Instructor-Led Live Online Training?

Instructor-Led Live Online Training is a cost-effective and affordable training format that puts instructor-led training within reach of all participants without the cost or inconvenience of traveling beyond one's desktop. Online classes accommodate busy work schedules, and participants have secure access to view recorded sessions if they miss a class. 

Live Online training closely aligns with the way people work and learn in today's workplace. It is very accessible and offers minimal disruption to productivity. The ability to learn from your desktop makes it cost-effective, engaging, and fun! Multimedia content and graphics reinforce learning which is highly adaptive and flexible.  

Dynamic, application-based subject matter will be delivered by our highly qualified instructors. Sixty-minute training sessions and interactive discussions facilitate learning retention. A computer with a reliable Internet connection and a microphone/headset or telephone for audio are all it takes to get started.

Program Content

The instructor-led live online Certified Manager program consists of 22.5 hours of training organized into three modules:


Certified Manager 1: 
Management Essentials

Provides fundamental leadership and management skills and knowledge

Content Includes:

  • The Management Process Today

  • Characteristics of Managers

  • Ethics and Social Responsibility

  • Managing in the Global Environment

  • Managing for Sustainability

  • Promoting Effective Communication

  • Decision Making

  • Using Information Technology to Increase Performance

  • The Legal Environment and Managing Risk

  • Understanding Economics and How It Affects Business


Certified Manager 2: 
Planning and Organizing

Provides skills and knowledge for improved planning and organizing.

Content Includes:

  • Planning and Strategy

  • Value-Chain Management

  • Organizational Structure and Culture

  • Managing a Diverse Workforce

  • Building High-Performance Teams

  • Human Resouce Management

  • Coaching and Performance Feedback

  • Networking and Mentoring

  • Project Management

  • Running Effective Meetings


Certified Manager 3: 
Leading and Controlling

Provides skills and knowledge for improved leading and controlling

Content Includes:

  • Leadership

  • Motivation and Engagement

  • Managing Change

  • Organizational Conflict and Politics

  • Managing Misbehavior

  • Time and Stress Management

  • Organizational and Operational Control

  • Accounting and Financial Information

  • Financial Management


Program participants are expected to prepare for each session by reading the corresponding content in the accompanying course study book. 

Program Materials and Fees

Each course module of the Certified Manager Program consists of a custom study book, access to ICPM's e-Learning Center, and a CM certification exam. ICPM's e-Learning Center contains multimedia learning resources such as PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, notes and outlines to reinforce learning and to test your knowledge.

The CM certification, inclusive of learning materials, can be purchased by the bundle--one payment of $2,495 US dollars for participants attending from the US (lower 48 states and the District of Columbia) and $2,625 US dollars for all international (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US territories) participants. Individual course modules can be purchased for $875 US dollars for US participants and $925 US dollars for international participants.

CM Exam Specifications

In order to earn the Certified Manager certification, applicants must pass 3 multiple choice CM exams. The three exams that must be passed include:

  • CM 1: Management Essentials

  • CM 2: Planning and Organizing

  • CM 3: Leading and Controlling

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Together all three Certified Manager exams assess essential analytical skills, knowledge and decision-making skills in the following areas:

  • The Practice of Professional Management

  • Managing in a Global Marketplace

  • Communication and Information Technology

  • Legal and Economic Influences on Organizations

  • Creating Plans and Strategies for Success

  • Structuring and Organizing Work Projects and Teams

  • Selecting and Training a Diverse Staff

  • Maximizing Employee Performance

  • Leading and Motivating Others

  • Managing Employee Behavior and Conflict

  • Establishing and Following Effective Control Standards

  • Financial and Accounting Concepts

For full CM exam specifications, please view the CM Exam Blueprint.

Exams are administered through ICPM's e-Learning Center and may be taken on any computer with reliable Internet access. Separate versions of the CM exams are provided for US and International applicants. US exams contain 120 multiple-choice questions, while International exams contain 100 multiple-choice questions (void of US laws and regulations). Each exam is time limited to a maximum of 120 minutes.

CM Exam Proctoring

CM exams are proctored and should be taken without assistance from others, notes or reference materials. All CM applicants whose applications were approved on or after October 1, 2015 must take proctored exams and may choose to use either an online or in-person proctor.


ICPM has partnered with ProctorU to provide live, secure, online proctoring for the CM exam. ProctorU's unique system combines the convenience of online testing with the security of live proctoring. Applicants can test anywhere and on any computer with reliable internet access, a web-cam, and microphone. No special software is needed.

To take the CM exam with ProctorU, an applicant must visit the ICPM ProctorU Exam Portal to create a user account and schedule an appointment to test. Appointments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and should be made at least 72 hours in advance. A $25 fee is payable directly to ProctorU when scheduling an exam.

View specific instructions here.


Applicants have the option to use an in-person proctor to observe and monitor the exam. Applicants who choose this option are responsible for finding their own proctor who meets requirements established by ICPM. Examples of acceptable proctors include active CMs, authorized ICPM instructors, HR representatives, training coordinators, managers or supervisors. All proctors must be pre-approved by providing the following documentation to ICPM at least 2 weeks prior to testing:

  • A copy of the proctor's photo ID

  • A resume or CV to verify proctor requirements

  • A signed copy of ICPM's Exam Proctor Agreement

In order to proctor an ICPM exam an individual must be:

  • At least one level above the applicant in their organization

  • Unrelated to the applicant

  • Currently not a CM certification applicant

Exam Results and Grading

Test takers receive immediate pass or fail results on-screen and by email. Exams are officially processed on the 16th of each month or the next business day. Detailed feedback that highlights strengths and weaknesses in specific content areas is sent by email after this grading. Test takers who pass the exam can use this feedback to help them address areas of weakness, while those who fail can use the feedback to prepare to retake the exam.

To comply with accreditation standards, ICPM does not report the number or percentage of correct answers attained.

Certification Packet

New CMs will receive a CM certification packet, including two copies of their CM certificate. These packets will be sent within 4 weeks after the official results of the third and final CM exam have been passed.

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